Winfluid NG 1.5 – NEW FEATURES

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New features integrated into the Ecosystem

1. Integration of new sensors / solutions to the Ecosystem 

o BubbeFLO2 v2 datalogger :

  • Management of digital sensors (DVP, US and Physico), digital sensors (rainfall, meters), implementation of desired calculations;

  • Display language can be configured (EN or FR) and dynamic display according to the programming.

o SurfaceFLO R non-contact flow meter – Radar / Radar;

o Stand-alone Display A and powered Display C for HydrINS insertion flowmeter;

o Calculation tables for ISCO sleeves.


2. Simplified interface and programming 

o New configuration wizard with intelligent sensor selector depending on the selected datalogger;

o Improved Webfluid NG 2 interface with complete visualisation on 1 page;

o Site management including a dashboard;

o Simplified programming of HydrINS flowmeter;

o New connectivity test with troubleshooting support and improved APN management.


 3. Improvement of the data processing tool 

o Grouping of features by category and addition of icons according to channel type;

o New features: Multipoint drift and unit converter;

o Sharing of modified data with other account users. 

Click HERE to download Winfluid NG 1.5
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