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NODE Biosensor

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The NODE biosensor is a new generation of microbial sensor that uses the bacteria naturally present in an environment as a bio-indicator of the quality of the environment and a tool for measuring the environmental impact.

Autonomous, reliable and modular according to the type of environment and the considered applications, the NODE biosensor allows real-time monitoring of natural aquatic environments (groundwater, surface water, marine environment…), industrial or urban (bioprocesses, wastewater treatment plant, sewage networks…).

The NODE solution can be installed as a stand-alone solution or integrated into existing systems. Sensors can be used as a steering tool for monitoring or decision support, to act on process malfunctions or accidental pollution management in a very short period of time, or to quantify and qualify the dynamics of aquatic environment flows.

Perspectives: Using artificial intelligence as a tool to anticipate and act before an unwanted event occurs. The subjects that are concerned :
– Toxicity detection,
– BOD5 estimation,
– Detection of H2S formation…

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