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The CPI 2 hydrant tester measures several flow/pressure combinations typical of a hydrant. Its direct application is checking the operation and compliance of hydrants.  Its advanced application is to provide several flow/pressure... Read More
Pressure sensors
The PTX/PDCR 1830 piezometric probe provides direct pressure measurement and derives water level within ± 0.08% of the full scale value. Several measurement scales are available, from 75 mbar to 60 bar.   The piez... Read More
Pegasus +
Pressure control can be the most immediate and the simplest method of reducing water leakage and the frequency of pipe bursts.  The Pegasus + controls system pressure downstream from the pressure stabiliser according to the zone ... Read More
Venturi Channels
Venturi channels are rated channels, the specific shape of which means that the level of water flowing freely through the channel is directly proportional to its flow rate. These channels are made of resin and can thus be used in... Read More
Blocking Bladders
Our blocking bladders are suitable for various utilisations and will enable you to conduct leak tests (system acceptance), or isolate sections of a pipe system. The range comprises four models, with diameters from 100 to 800 mm. ... Read More
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