Microbiological Diagnostics and Expertise

HYDREKA performs microbiological analyses of your samples and offers bibliographical studies in the field of environmental microbiology, chemistry and ecotoxicology.

Microbial contamination issues, biofouling, corrosion, process malfunction?

Microorganisms, often beneficial, can sometimes be the source of many problems, such as corrosion, biofilm formation, dysfunctional processes and contamination. HYDREKA helps you identify the causes and design possible solutions to your problems.

State of the art tools for custom analyzes

Our laboratory has the most recent high performance analytical equipment to quantify different aspects of environmental microbiology that are the cause of system dysfunction. This includes the identification and quantification of microorganisms or genes of interest.

Literature review

HYDREKA also offers state of the art and literature reviews in different fields such as environmental and industrial microbiology, molecular biology, chemistry, toxicology, bioengineering and bioprocesses control. Our scientists and engineers can provide you with a state-of-the-art evaluation or a quarterly scientific up-date on a specific field or latest development, and emerging technologies inherent to your interests.

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