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A chemical Economic Interest Grouping (EIG), which goal is to maintain an efficient holding of the services common to all the companies on a chemical plant, has wished to gather all data on a secured external server, allowing at cost invoicing of the volumes consumed.

Thence, Hydreka has been requested in order to meet the need of measurement, recording and sharing of all volume data daily consumed through a web service. 

Solutions & Results

The technical solution consisted in equipping measuring devices such as electromagnetic flowmeters as well as mechanical meters with self-powered and connected DTU2 standalone PLC, installed and commissioned by a Hydreka technician. 

Robust, IP68 waterproof certified and incorporating a customized application maker, these standalone PLC share their data directly to our secured server on a daily basis, which allow the customer many possibilities through the Winfluid NG Ecosystem.

The processing tools included in this Ecosystem are able to generate ready-to-use reports in just a few clicks, generating important time savings.

The same data processing and operating architecture has been deployed on another site which consists in measuring the tidal range of a borehole. 

Feedback & Perspectives

The quick and easy installation of the equipment, its use, the reporting and the training provided by a Hydreka technician directly on site completely satisfied the customer who is now considering to increase the number of measuring instruments connected to the same Ecosystem. 


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