Self-powered and connected flow measurement in a rain watershed

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Within the framework of a several weeks study carried out by the Community of Agglomeration of Sophia Antipolis (CASA) and relating to a rain watershed, the engineering company CEREG had the challenge of ensuring the installation of several flow measurements.

A very challenging operating site subject to important flows of rainwater and likely to carry many garbages, required the deployment of a solution allowing to provide an accurate measurement matching the surrounding conditions.

Solutions & Results

In order to carry out the study, a complete, self-powered and connected measurement chain was deployed. In this case, the SurfaceFLO non-contact height/speed flowmeter using radar technology, coupled with the DTU2 standalone PLC were used.

Compact, light (1.5 kg) and IP68, the flow calculation is directly carried out via the hydraulic tables integrated in the SurfaceFLO and configured according to the site.

Throughout the study, the solution stood out for its repeatability, even in the case of high turbidity and the presence of solids, and for its radar technology, which enabled the qualification and validation of 100% of the data gathered by the DTU2.

The Modbus RS485 protocol has not only allowed to send back « height », « speed », «flow » but also « signal quality » information and the data could be operated on a daily basis through the Winfluid NG Ecosystem.

Feedback & Perspectives

Many factors have satisfied the engineering company CEREG such as the easy installation, intuitive configuration and the quality of the data sent by the measurement chain. In addition, the remote alarm management features have helped to optimize on-site operations and reduce CO2 emissions.

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