Sectorization of non-conforming discharges upstream a Wasterwater Treatment Plant

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A municipality’s Wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) suffers several organic load’s shocks at its inlet. These abrupt changes of load impact the efficiency of the process and lead to non-conformity with local regulations. As a consequence of these dysfunctions, the municipality is under formal notice by local authorities and forced to reduce pollution at the source to avoid financial penalties.  On the sewage network, different areas and industries are suspected of being the source of non-conforming discharges. With the client’s agreement, HYDREKA deployed four NODE Solutions & Services in different sewage network branches in order to identify and localize potential sources of pollution. 

Solutions & Results

NODE Solutions & Services is a multiparametric approach which includes real time and online measurement of physicochemical parameters (pH, conductivity, organic load, temperature and redox potential). This approach allowed to map the different branches of the sewage network, to identify the source of pollution and to correlate the impact of non-conforming discharges from two industrial facilities.


The organic load shocks are highlighted by the biosensor’s behaviour (left graphic) which detect pollution upstream and, earlier at the inlet of the WWTP. In this case, conductivity also acts as a possible tracer (right graphic).

Feedback & Perspectives

Thanks to this study, the municipality has been able to fix all non-conformity with local authorities and to identify the origin of pollution. This project also allowed discussion and negotiation with industries to encourage them on their environmental management compliancy.


The cost of the study (30K€) was completely covered by the capacity of answering to the legal requirement and by breaking-off the risk of financial penalties (up to 5K€ per day of non-conformity).

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