Remote networks size study during world health crisis

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In order to study the size of a french conurbation sewage networks, the DTU2 standalone PLC was presented to the SEMERU FAYAT Group Executives who highlighted two major benefits of using this connected solution.

On one hand, important savings by limiting the number of technicians on the field,  and on the other hand, an unparalleled responsiveness allowing daily monitoring of the performance of each measuring chain.

By mutual agreement with Hydreka’s technical service, the decision was taken to install more than 90 measuring chains (80 % Height / Velocity, 20 % correlated height) in the conurbation’s networks.

Solutions & Results

Due to the COVID-19 health crisis and the lockdown, the technicians were no longer able to operate on site. The advantages of this standalone PLC have been highlighted during this unprecedented event.

By using the DTU2, on-site operations were lowered as SEMERU engineers were able to keep working remotely, and on a daily basis, verify and approve data from the measuring chains located hundred kilometres away. To characterize the results and in addition to Height, Velocity and Flow data, the engineers were also guided through « Signal performance », « Growth », « Temperature » information.

During these very special times, rainy events were observed and analysed in real time. Thanks to this new generation of standalone PLC, weekly reports were submitted to the Project Leader with proof of accurate information.

The feedback rate of the information provided by the measuring chains was 92 % on average throughout the study. In order to enhance the  results, the project managers were able to adjust the settings if needed, without any travel on site. 

Feedback & Perspectives

The convincing outcomes and several operating benefits brought by this technology, led this customer as well as various Engineering companies to think about moving towards a more significant use of this connected solution for future studies. 

Find out more about the DTU2 standalone PLC by clicking HERE


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