Real-time detection and management of pollution in water catchment areas

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In order to mitigate the risk of accidental, spot or diffuse pollution, local authorities want to implement a monitoring solution which would allow them to secure groundwater and wellfield quality.

Regulations and methodologies are currently imposing:

Spot samplings and chemical analyses in accredited laboratories, which requires regular interventions on site.
Delivery time of chemical analyses: 3 to 5 weeks after sampling.
Annual monitoring cost per well : 5K€

Considering that the spot sampling methodology does not cover the risk of accidental or spot pollution, the client wants a real-time monitoring system which allows early-warning detection to anticipate or manage a potential crisis that could generate a significant economic issue (shutdown of water collection and drinking water production, site decontamination…).

Solutions & Results

NODE Solutions & Services has been deployed on site for several months and allows:


Real-time monitoring to detect all contamination events that occurred and to assess their impact.
Targeted sampling based on the biosensor detection.
Identification and localization of potential sources of contamination based on the chemical analysis of targeted samples.
Better protection and optimized management of the groundwater and wellfield resources.

Since deployment, no maintenance has been carried out on the biosensor and the client has access to the data on his supervision. 

Feedback & Perspectives

Local authorities are currently planning on extending the deployment of this system over the whole wellfield area. They also want to investigate the opportunity of deploying NODE Solutions & Services on other sensitive sites such as rivers which are vulnerable to anthropic pressure, a potential threat to Natural water resources conservation. 

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