Instrumentation of 180 points as part of a connected measurement campaign

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Wastewater monitoring


As contractor for the Saclay Wastewater Master Plan, a study of 180 measurement points over 3 watershed, the company SEMERU was in charge of ensuring the best measurement quality at all points, while optimising operations on field through targeted actions.

In collaboration with the Hydreka teams, SEMERU engineers and project managers were able to figure out the most suitable solution.

Solutions & Résults

In order to carry out this 6-week campaign, SEMERU clearly decided to go for the DTU2 standalone PLC connected to the 3G/2G network and open to all types of sensors (velocity/doppler, rain gauge, level radar sensor, etc.)

The implementation was effective in 3 phases, depending on the watershed. The measurement points were spread over the different flow standard:

  • Wastewater & rainwater harvesting
  • Storm drain,
  • Pumping station.

On a daily basis, SEMERU hydraulic engineers were able to gather, verify and validate all data from all measurement chains in complete autonomy, reducing the complexity due to the accessibility of some operating sites.

In addition to height, velocity and flow, information on “signal quality”, “gain”, “temperature” and “signal strength” helped the engineers to qualify the results during the campaign.

Feedback & Perspectives

Testimony of Sr. LOUCHART, Business Engineer at SEMERU:

“The complexity of this case was to carry out a measurement campaign on approximately 180 points. This challenge was achieved by setting up connected equipment, mobilising several teams for the installation and thanks to several hydraulic engineers who carried out the daily processing of the data. Thus, we were able to highlight several benefits such as the optimisation of operations, a cut in data loss and greater reliability of measurements. Since preventive monitoring operations have been cut out, we have also contributed to the reduction of the carbon footprint.

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