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New HR22 radar level sensor

DESCRIPTION & benefits

The radar level sensor HR22 is dedicated to the following applications:

  • Open channel level measurement,

  • Self-monitoring of wastewater networks and treatment plants,

  • Monitoring of natural environments

Temperature, pressure and dust do not affect the HR22 radar, which delivers accurate measurements regardless of the surrounding conditions. 

The radar signals are generated by solid state components, avoiding long-term deviation while withdrawing the need for recalibration.

Non-contact radar measurement
Winfluid NG Ecosystem
Measurement accuracy
RS485 Modbus
Wireless configuration
No cleaning needed

The HR22 level radar can be directly connected to the stand-alone DTU 2 and BubbleFLO 2 units and is programmable via the Winfluid NG software.


Standalone PLC

HR22 Radar
level sensor


BubbleFLO 2

Bubbler flowmeter and
multi-sensor unit

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