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What is the power supply and the power consumption of the DVP sensor?

Sensor has to be supplied with 9 to 28 VDC

Power consumption is 14 mA on standby mode, and 25 mA during measurement (at 12 VDC)

What are the communication protocol of the DVP sensor

The protocols are SDi12 and Modbus RTU via RS232 or RS485

The DVP sensor does not measure and is not replying to RS485 requests

Be sure that the DVP sensor is correctly supplied (9 to 28 VDC)

Be sure you have wired the ground properly following the sheet below:










Complete installation manual linked here :DVP installation manual




HydrINS is measuring reverse flow instead of normal flow

Be sure that the HydrINS is installed in the right way.

Look at the sticker on the top of the head, there is a red arrow indicating the flow direction.


HydrINS is measuring flow but not as expected

HydrINS may not be placed at the right position in the pipe. Check it is inserted at the center or the 1/8th, corresponding to the site.

It also can be caused by a wrong pulse factor between the HydrINS and the monitoring system connected.

Check the pulse factor in the HydrINS parameter windows and correct it if necessary (example below)

What are the HydrINS pulse output specifications

Two pulse outputs

opto-isolated open collectors

Maximum frequency: 50 Hz

Pulse width: 10ms

28V 50 mA maximum

Max. impedance 35 Ohms

Typical capacitance: 25 pF





During installation Winfluid says “can’t modify Windows registry” ?

You must start your Windows session with administrator rights.

Then you have to right click on Winfluid icon, then “run as administrator”, after that Winfluid will propose to enter the serial number and licence key.

When done, click on “Ok”. Close all of other windows.

Winfluid will run properly after that.

You can now run Winfluid without administator rights

How to install USB drivers

Latest USB driver for Hydreka cables are situated in the Winfluid installation folder:

C:\Winfluid\Drivers\Driver FTDI CDM 2.12

Or you can click on the link: USB Driver

Run the file named “CDM v2.12.00 WHQL Certified.exe” with an administrator Windows session, right click on it the “run as administrator” and let it install the drivers.

Your USB cable is now ready to use.


How to install the GenPro 300e USB modem driver

It is imperative to be connected with an administrator session in order to install the driver.

Disconnect the modem from the computer and download the necessary driver: Driver Gen Pro 300e

Run the downloaded file and confirm all steps.

Go to the device manager to identify the communication port to report in the Winfluid automatic reading software Device Manager Access Help

Use the port named USB3 AT and DATA (COMxx)

Replace the “xx” with the number indicated by Windows, in the case of the example below: COM13


How to merge multiple files in Winfluid?

Open the first file, then go to the menu “Tools” then select “merge”








Select the next (or previous) file, you can make multiple selection by pressing “MAJ or ctrl” key and click every file.

When done click on “Merge”



Software / Drivers

Download software and drivers for your Hydreka product :

Winfluid USB drivers