Datasheets and Manuals

Click on the links below to view or download product manuals, datasheets, and user guides.  For general product information, please use the form on our Contact page.  If you have specific questions about how to use or maintain products, contact our customer service team.  

ProductDatasheetManualQuick Configuration Guide
Amperometric Clamp
AS950 Isothermal SamplerAS950 Sampler Manual
AS950 Refrigerated Sampler
BFM 801BFM 801 Manual
Blocking Bladders
BubbleFLOBubbleFLO Datasheet
ChronoFLO 2ChronoFLO 2 Datasheet
ChronoFLO 2 Mini Datasheet
ChronoFLO 2 Manual
ChronoFLO 2 Mini Manual"
ControlMate FMControl Mate FMControl
Mate FM Datasheet"ControlMate FM Manual
DF JuniorDF Junior DatasheetDF Junior Manual
DTU 2DTU 2 DatasheetDTU 2 Manual
DVPDVP DatasheetDVP Installation Manual
Flo-DarFlo-Dar DatasheetFlo-Dar Manual
Flo-StationFlo-Station Manual"
Hydraulic RigHydraulic Rig Datasheet
HydrINS 2HydrINS 2 Datasheet
HydrINS 2 Mini Datasheet
HydrINS 2 EO Datasheet
HydrINS 2 Installation Manual
HydrINS 2 Programming Manual
Hydrins 2 EO Manual
Changes of Mode Manual
HydrINS 2 & Display C Quick Configuration
IMP BoxIMP Box DatasheetIMP Box Manual
Insertation MagmeterInsertion Magmeter Datasheet
Light ProbeLight Probe Datasheet
LologLolog DatasheetLolog & Vista + Quick Configuration
Lolog R
MainFLOMainFLO DatasheetPortable MainFLO Installation Manual
Permanent MainFLO Installation Manual
MainFLO permanent installation manual"
MainFLO Software Quick Configuration
Modular Hooping Quick Configuration
Mainstream IVMainstream IV DatasheetMainstream IV Installation Manual
Level/Velocity Sensor Installation Manual
Programming with Winfluid Manual
Sensor Installation Quick Guide
Mainstream IV with Winfluid Quick Guide
MicroCall +MicroCall + Datasheet
MicroCorr TouchMicroCorr Touch Datasheet
Multilog 2
Multilog LXMultilog LX DatasheetMultilog LX Manual
Octopus 4Octopus 4 Datasheet
Octopus LXOctopus LX DatasheetOctopus LX Manual
Odalog L2Odalog L2 DatasheetOdalog Manual Odalog L2 User Manual
Odalog RTx/GPRSOdalog RTx Manual"
OdeonOdeon Manual
OverFLOOverFLO DatasheetOverFLO User Manual
Patrouilleur 2
Pegasus +Pegasus + Datasheet
Permalog +Permalog + DatasheetPermalog + User Manual
Physicochemical SensorsCS304/CS4-1200
EC250,EC350, EC1200
ORP100, ORP300
PH100,PH300, PH1200
TS100,TS300, TS1200
Greenspan PH300 Manual
Pressure Transient LoggerPressure Transient Logger Manual
PTX PCDRPTX PCDR 1730 Datasheet
PTX PCDR 1830 Datasheet
Rain Gauge
RD 7000
RD 8000RD 7000 DatasheetRD 7000 Manual
SIGMA 950ARD 8000 DatasheetRD 8000 Manual
Smoke GeneratorSIGMA 950A Manual
Smoke Tester 18" Manual
Smoke Tester Residential Lines Manual
Software Drivers
SonicSensUSB Drivers Installation Quick Guide
SoundSens iSonicSens Datasheet
SoundSens i Datasheet
SoundSens i Techsheet
SoundSens i User Manual
SoundSens i User Guide
SurfaceFLOSurfaceFLO DatasheetSurfaceFLO Programming Manual
SurfaceFLO Installation Manual
Venturi Channels
Vista +Vista + DatasheetVista + & Lolog Quick Configuration
WebfluidWebfluid DatasheetWebfluid Manual
WinfluidWinfluid Quick Configuration
XmicXmic DatasheetXmic Techsheet
Xmic Manual
ZoningZoning Manual