Temporary Solutions 🙂

Hydreka has the largest stock of rental products of any company in France and can ship them anywhere in the world.  If you have a need for one-off measurements or short-term studies, Hydreka has rental equipment available to meet your needs.  

Permanent Solutions

Equipment can be purchased from Hydreka for long-term studies, permanent installation, or frequent use.  Devices can be purchased from us directly in France, or through our network of distributors abroad.  Click to view our complete product catalogue, and request more information about specific products from our sales team.  



WinFluid software for Microsoft® Windows® (95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8) is the crux of our measuring systems. It enables the programming and activation of measuring equipment as well as the downloading of data. It also deals with all level to flow conversions.

The "report" feature offers better data analysis tools such as linear interpolation, level to velocity correlation, file comparison.

WinFluid automatically controls data retrieval and storage (GSM data loggers)


Webfluid, Hydreka's data hosting service available for wirelessly connected (GPRS/FTP) devices, frees the user from material and logistical constraints and allows them to focus on exploiting their data.

The WebFluid package includes infrastructure (FTP and web server located in a secure data hosting center), software: WinFluid and WebFluid, which allow data access via an internet navigator, and technical support

Not in France?

We have a global network of distributors - find the one nearest you