From data acquisition to data analysis, Hydreka is there to offer you solutions to meet your water network management needs.

Our mission is to be one of the global leaders and experts in standalone, communicating instrumentation solutions for the better management of water resources. The rapidly growing and urbanizing world population places huge strains on water resources and networks. Increasing climate instability has made severe weather more common, and water availability more complicated to predict. Water monitoring and management is increasingly crucial to provide and maintain access to safe drinking water, and support agriculture, energy, transportation, manufacturing, and civil infrastructure, all of which have huge implications for life and health.

Hydreka provides solutions to accurately measure the entire water cycle. We rent and sell a wide range of products across five application sectors, which can be combined and configured to report hundreds of parameters. All products are offered in combination with software packages to report and analyze the collected data. This flexibility allows us to provide uniquely tailored solutions and high-quality data, where and when you need them.


Hydreka is headquartered in Limonest, France. In France, we have a local team to facilitate sales and rental activity through our head office. Globally, we operate through a network of distributors who make Hydreka products and services available worldwide. We have technical hubs for product calibration, maintenance, and repairs located in Europe, North America, and Asia that can service products in each region.

Our Values

Ethics: We promote the principles of loyalty, tolerance and respect for others through our exemplary conduct and attitudes.

Excellence: We cultivate strong performance and customer satisfaction, and we reward people who make an effort and deliver high-quality work.

Trust: We place individuals at the heart of our organisation and empower our teams. We are dedicated to upholding our commitments and keeping our word, whatever the cost.

Boldness: We foster creativity, innovation and risk-taking, and we acknowledge the right to make mistakes. We encourage our teams to come up with new ideas and get out of their comfort zones.